Should you have a community manager in your company? This is a question that is usually asked by managers of SMEs, self-employed entrepreneurs and beginners whose resources are still limited. Hiring a community manager seems an idea too far from your current situation.

However, no matter how small your business is, if you sell to the final consumer (B2C), you need a community manager. Even if your business is something local, like a hairdresser or a restaurant. But why?

There are several important reasons why you hire a community manager. Continue reading to know more about each of them.

1. You will improve the image of your brand
When a user searches Google for the name of a company and gets few or no results immediately, their reaction is usually not positive.

Nowadays, all companies must have an updated website and perfectly linked with their social network profiles. The user expects that in each social network the information has coherence and the publication of messages is periodic, with interesting and quality content.

If you do not want to give a scruffy or unprofessional image when a user searches for the name of your company on Google, the first thing that should appear is your corporate website, followed by your blog, your Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slideshare, Youtube , Wikipedia, etc.

It is about your links creating a positive preliminary image. You choose: a ghost company or an active and modern company?

2. You will provide better customer service
While you take care that the operational activities of your business come up successfully, you need someone who responds quickly to the queries and comments of users on social networks. More and more consumers are using networks to get in touch with brands.

Users know that a smart company provides a faster and more careful response through networks (after all, they are a platform where everyone is watching you). This is the main route for younger audiences, they prefer to send an email through the contact form on the corporate website.

Imagine that you do not have the help of a community manager and you are alone to do almost everything. Will you make consumers wait at the end of the day, when you have finished working on the usual tasks of the company so that you respond to their messages?

Of course not. In reality, you will be losing business opportunities by not responding to those consumers on time.

3. You will distribute higher quality content
Social networks demand a frenetic rate of publication. Even if you choose not to publish every day, when you do, the update must be of quality. A community manager with the right tools is a machine to find relevant topics that fit perfectly with your social communication strategy.

Finding good content is a process that requires a lot of time, so a community manager is a valuable resource that you should invest in critical areas of your company.

4. Increase your affinity with your audience
How many people spend each day by the door of your company? Would not you be surprised if someone comes to you on the street to give you a brochure and in return asks for your personal email address?

Well on the Internet this happens all the time. In social networks we are negotiating with the user, and the negotiation is «take something useful and in return let me enter your life».

Social networks are spaces to get closer, tell stories, delight the community and make the brand visible.

The work in social networks affects the traffic you receive on your website. All that audience that follows you on social media should direct it to your website. Once there, through landing pages and CTAs you get their contact information (you turn them into sales opportunities) to keep communication with them at your own pace.

5. Manage metrics
It does not make sense to publish on social networks if you have not previously made a plan with objectives, metrics that you want to observe and define a target audience for your messages. If you do a spontaneous and unplanned social media management, you will be sticking blind. Perhaps you put your efforts into achieving high performance in metrics that, at the business level, are irrelevant.

A good community manager will guide you. If you understand your company, you will be able to establish the correct KPIs, interpret them and decide what is most appropriate.

6. Multiply your reach and relevance as a brand
The opportunities to grow, to create new synergies of work, to arouse interest in your projects, to obtain suppliers, etc., reside in the digital world. Social networks are the best platform to show you and look at these new horizons.

You can not afford to be at half gas. At this point, I’m sure you have it clear: you need a community manager for your business .

The following questions are: what is better: a community manager inside or outside the company? Do I outsource the service to an agency or to a self-employed person who manages few accounts? I’m looking for a part-time fellow who does it?

Patience, those are questions to answer in other articles.

Right now, what is the situation of your company? Do you have a community manager ?