7 Reasons to have an ecommerce (online store)

It is not new that Chileans are making more and more of our purchases online, this generates an interest in modern companies to make their sales through web pages, that is why here we bring you a list of the 7 reasons why your business needs to have an online store.

1 E-commerce is growing fast
E-commerce in Chile is growing at an accelerated rate , far surpassing the growth of other commercial activities in the country; more and more Chileans are making purchases over the Internet and SMEs offering their online services.

2 More and more we buy online
More and more the people who quote and make their purchases online , day by day Chileans lose their fear of online stores and increases the number of people connected on the Internet.

3 Make sales quickly
An online store allows you to find and make a purchase quickly, just a quick search on Google to find just the product you are looking for and specify the purchase.

4 Compatibility with mobile devices
A search while waiting in the bank row, or when you see something that reminds you of that product you want so you do a quick search on the internet, mobile devices mean a large part of online sales volume. Reach your customers from their smartphones with an online multiplatform design store and increase your visibility.

5 Increase the visibility of your business
Creating an online store not only increases the visibility of your business, but also facilitates communication with your customer, providing ways to contact your sellers or find the location of your physical stores.

6 Compatible with social networks
Allow your customers to share in social networks the contents of your store, your products or recommend your friends and acquaintances about the wonderful services you offer by creating an online store for your business.

7 Expand your business
More and more people are surfing the web for services from other countrys or doing business remotely, increase the number of potential customers that you can easily reach by creating an online store.

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